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Well, if this isn't one of the most festive weeks of the year!  Monday- Lincoln's Birthday, Tuesday - Mardi Gras, Wednesday - Ash Wednesday AND Valentine's Day, Thursday - a New Moon and Solar Eclipse, and Friday - Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog.
So to celebrate all of that, here's a recording of a song that's been an audience favorite through the years.
and by the way, if you have a favorite venue you'd where you'd like to see James Kennedy & Friends this spring/summer, let them know or let us know....
Thanks and Enjoy! 


Happy Tuesday!  Here's another piece that was recorded Live on 1/13/18.... this one is from a past CD called "Unknown"   the tune is "Appalachian Morning"  and there's a nice picture of mountains to  go with the music.  The "visual" portion was not the best - - so enjoy the lovely picture as you listen.....

Happy Halloween!! 

Thank you to everyone who came out on Sunday afternoon!  For those of you who, for any reason, couldn't make it.... we have posted some "highlights" from the day at our Youtube channel.
There were some new tunes and fun versions of favorites. Hope you enjoy the music and have a fun, spooky and safe Halloween!

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